Just love

I thought I was going to learn about new creative styles this week.

Turns out, I got more than I bargained for!

I think there comes a time in your life, even perhaps in your circumstances where the only things you want to talk about in your life, are those things that are enshrouded by love. That love can be a passion, a friendship, a kindred spirit, a loving thought, a positive vibe, happy people, a piece of beautiful artwork, a generous comment, a smile and a hug.

Professionally and I believe at times personally,  we can fall into the habit of talking and concentrating our focus on and about what doesn’t work, who we don’t like, why we don’t like it and create this constant and evolving circle of negativity. To be honest, that doesn’t interest me, not anymore at any rate.  I have spent a good part of my life in self-judgement and berating myself for not being or doing better. It is a terrible place to be and I certainly do not wish it for anyone else.

I think, when you make the conscious choice of what you will allow in your life, what you are prepared to embrace and welcome, what you believe you deserve then I think, it will all fall into place.

We don’t always need to have a conversation about it, it can be something as simple as a conscious thought, a quiet movement, a personal narrative. This week taught me, that quietly, to be surrounded by love all the time, in the outside world is a possibility.  I think the subjective world we create can feed on our insecurities and negativity.  Maybe that is linked with self esteem or perhaps it is habit. Maybe the bad stuff is easier to believe and maybe a conscious shift needs to occur.

For many years I brought things onto myself, owing to the incredible lack of love and self respect and the levels of expectations that came with it.  These labels and sets of criteria we had to fulfil, in order to be worthy of not only love for ourselves but also for those to love us back was tremendous. Not sure, if it comes with age, or a deeper understanding and appreciation of oneself, a change of friends and circumstances, even environment to realise as the old song lyrics go, “nothing is real but love”.

If you love the right people, they will love you back fiercer and harder. That you just need to be yourself, shine your own light.  To see yourself with new eyes and a new feeling of appreciation of your journey. Where you have been and where you are going. Rather than focusing on what I don’t want, today I focus on what I do and live has been much better for it.

I didn’t fully understand the term ‘think positively’. I thought it referred to slapping on a smile and beaming sunshine through your mind.  I came to find, for me, it is about focusing on what enriches our soul, treating ourselves with kindness, spending time with the people  who are right  for us and engaging in situations that are nourishing.  Sometimes when you live in an unhealthy frame of mind for such a long time, it becomes a sense of ‘normal’.

When you step out of that environment, the trajectory shifts for the better and it is nothing short of magnificent.

Sometimes it is just about love and perhaps, it might just be what we need the most.


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