Beautiful minds

One of the decisions that transformed my life this year was the decision to believe that

I am beautiful.

And that I deserved so much more than I thought I did.

To be loved and respected, appreciated and honoured for me and not as currency, benchmark or stepping stone.

And that what I needed for soulful nourishment and heart nurturing didn’t always come from the people, situations, occupations and relationships that I needed or wanted them to.

So I sat, I meditated and I overhauled my expectations.

My conditions.

My entrenched cultural beliefs, ancient perceptions, stubborn habits, determined anger.

And rather than focus on what I needed others to be for me and desperately grieving when they couldn’t be.

I focused on what I needed to be for me.

Gratitude, self worth, self compassion and self love in abundance now exist in place of the need to fit it with the wrong fit because it’s what I wanted and not what I needed.

I forgave.

I let go.

I left behind a lot of people this year, not for anything other than our life journey together was over and it was time to move on. Removing the value judgements and the need to be right and wrong, it’s a really spectacular sight to behold, our light shining within. In turn I gained eternal spirits, true soul food whose love knows no bounds, limits or time.

The world pulls us in all different directions, in this way and that. To put your hand on your heart and stand still, listening, is a gift.

To look around and see all your fiercely loving tribe, your people, your folks who hug you on the inside and out is a gift.


To know you are loved – by you, is the greatest gift of all ❤️



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