I ❤️ having Bipolar Disorder (sometimes)

I gotta say, between you and me, I secretly love having Bipolar Disorder sometimes.

Being so open with having a mental illness is like having an invisible entourage! ❤️

I’m wholeheartedly, honest to God serious!

I have found through experience that I t sorts out my society, gets rid of time wasters, embraces the folks that love and honour me and dismisses those who are not for me or I’m not for them.

It organises my diary, my calendar, chunks my day and allows me to live an authentic, wholehearted and meaningful life. Because there IS no other way to do it. Not for me and not with mental illness.

Yep, absolutely there are side effects and quite hefty, gutsy, scrappy, bullshitty ones at that. There is no escaping and denying complete and utter fuckery on some days. Reflecting on it, those days force me to self care and to love myself for who I am by being the light and honouring and embracing my darkness.

Those days also taught me to never underestimate our inner power and strength. That moment just before your knees hit the ground in despair and loss, when we believe it’s all gone to waste,  it’s then that we realise that this, whatever this may be,  is our finest hour.



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