Do you deserve this?

Today marks the beginning of my final phase and overhaul of lifestyle transformation!!! ❤️

I’m ready and it’s been a long time coming…. (exciting!! Eep!)

Today I begin the “This is f*king shitting me” food diet. (Well, I don’t like the word diet because the first three letters are die, so okay, let’s use quest instead!)

The “This Is F*king Shitting Me Food Quest!” 👍😜

Recap: Earlier this year, I decided to make a complete life overhaul by asking myself – “let’s be honest Maree, am I really living the life I want to live?”

Frightening prospect because if the answer was ‘no’ (which it was) then I would have to do something about it. (Which I did) Change and uncertainty – scary, challenging, anxiety inducing and stomach clenching.

But being real, authentic, grounded, balanced, self forgiving and self loving was more important. 🙏

So, I quit my part time job, cutting off an income stream in smack bang in the middle of building and started The Heartworks Creative. I wrote and published, I spoke at events, I continued painting and I stepped back into the classroom after a five year break, teaching mental health recovery. 📝

Next, I looked at how I could learn to love my body as it was. Obese, scarred from surgeries, floppy, lumpy and chunky and to turn those adjectives into beautiful, survivor, gorgeous, grateful, temple, goddess and splendiferous. – and really believe it. (Cos the bad stuff is easier to believe right?)

This was a Herculean mental fight because of the private war that was raging.

You see, I knew and it was well stated to me that if I stopped taking my Bipolar medication, I would drop 30-40 kilos, all the weight I packed on over the five years… six months.


Just like that.


Oh my GOD! The temptation was making me itch. Come on! Seriously!

I’d be much easier to love right? Happier with my reflection of the person I was? Did I want to go back?

Vamoose would also be our beautiful family, our amazing relationship status and our children’s happy, balanced, thriving and well adjusted childhood.

There is a reason why, according to Psychology Today, the divorce rate is at 90% where ONE person has Bipolar Disorder.

The collateral damage would be so unbelievably huge and it wasn’t a gamble I was prepare to take. No damn way.

So okay, in I dived (well cannonballed!) into other ways.

Yoga, histamine examination, food habits, disengaging from relationships that no longer served my wellbeing, or didn’t value add spiritually, emotionally or mentally. Some of it was easy and some, not so much.

Today is the final frontier.

Sugar, emotional eating during low dopamine times and the thought pattern that I will eat this beautiful, exquisite dessert (like on a daily basis) because I. Have. Earned. It. – Because I. Deserve. It.

Sorry Adriano Zumbo – I’m divorcing your cookbook.😜

Artificial sugar, refined sugar and deservedness overhaul.

The question now is – is it nourishing? Is it feeding me? What do I deserve?

I’ll keep you posted ❤️😊 (because I had to start this at Christmas time!? 😜😂)

Let’s just say, I was ever one for ‘easy’ 😉


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