Building Miracles


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Tremendously blessed to be giving thanks to today, a humble milestone for me. ❤️

We started on our kitchen, but like Bramaluce itself, it was another day of transformational learning about who we are and within that, our gifts.

Showing up and looking at things we’ve never used, or techniques we’ve never tried, and


There’s courage in that I think. To stand in your own truth, your own beliefs of what you as a person are capable of and walking that path.

It’s also about heeding your inner voice and re-writing those stories we used to tell ourselves of worthlessness and ‘not good enough” and what you should be, according to other stories and other scripts.


We are enough.

And when we believe we are enough that’s when I think the magic happens. Our authenticity, integrity, honesty and all the good stuff that makes our soul sing.

Silenced were the insecurities and fear in our imperfections.

We learn and adapt our world around what we need, how we need it and what matters to us, whose fingerprints are on the soul of this structure.

Steadfast, we change. We grow. We shed our skin, hold our own.

We learn to become invested in who we are, as we are, in our beautiful imperfections, self – worth, self love, forgiveness and dreams, rather than the ugly, worn out stories of old whose only motive were to whip us into line and submission according to narrow minded philosophies.

Rewritten, another story that added fearlessness, true strength capability realness creativity and bravery.

Be you.

And when you are, you walk in your truth and you build miracles.

That is what I believe inner power truly is. ❤️



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