My Gratitude Lantern – Notes of Light in Depression

Hello dear readers!

Lots of posts this week from me and I hope you have been enjoying them!

Okay so this one is about the keeping of gratitude.

At the end of last year, I decided that I would start a Gratitude Lantern. It was my take on the happiness jar, you know, write a note every day for one thing you are happy about and pop it in the jar.

I wanted to create a lantern instead. One, because I couldn’t find a jar big enough and two, I liked the idea of the lantern.

I liked it because each note would be my ‘light note’. Little notes of light that during depression or on low days, they would illuminate my life or that present moment, even just a little, to dispel the darkness.

So, I dropped notes into my Gratitude Lantern, which ok, became a kind of heart insurance policy against the difficult days, but they have been just delightful.

Did it work?

Yes, I have to say it did. I didn’t want to always be grateful because I may have been too cross or hellbent on being upset at the time, but the light did eventually seep through the cracks…..

So, for for that, I’m grateful! (I know! Insert eye roll here!)

M xx


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