I’m going to make it


I remember sitting in the front row fighting back the tears, and if you look closely enough you can just see….

This was Dec 2013 – my very first entry into an art exhibition, a year and a half after being diagnosed with Bipolar, heavily medicated, weightier than I am now, battling a then current depressive episode.

That year I won the major exhibition prize. The ADEC Award.
The exhibition title was “Destinations”

The artwork was a ceramic sculpture called “Gaia” That was also the moment I realised that I was going to recover.

It was also the year I met the amazing and dear friend Cassy but that’s another tale! ❤️)

This year I have been gifted the honour of speaking at the Artability exhibition tomorrow, with Gracie as my enthusiastic date 😁❤️

Words cannot express the impact on the heart and soul when someone believes in you, when you feel so torn and so incredibly broken you don’t know if you will ever get back together again.

Where acknowledgement and validation light the path until you can see again and until you can believe in yourself and fly.

and to be honest, that is why I exhibit.

Each piece of art is a stitch that helps me back together again and I hope, gives light and meaning to the person or organisation that acquires it.

Big day tomorrow at Federation Square, but one filled with much love, hope and gratitude. Nervous and excited all at once! ❤️❤️

Image credits: ADEC Artability


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