Coping with Christmas – tips from Mr. & Mrs. Bipolar

We’ve made it! ❤️

Okay so this is going to be different for everyone because there are so many variables.

So what I’m about to share with you is what works for us, as a family where both of us (hubby and wife have Bipolar Disorder (dearest has a few more add ons including Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, OCD, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression)

Here is our family list, from our kitchen noticeboard to you dear ones! If you need more practical tips in addition to these ones below, have a squiz at my self care post too!

  • boundaries – know your limitations and be honest about it. Most folks will understand where you are coming from
  • be with folks who chill you out and not stress you out
  • if you need to be with tricky folks, have a time limit (say an hour or whatever suits your tolerance levels) and politely make your exit
  • be honest with folks if you are not feeling it
  • if the current idea of Christmas and its traditions stresses you, review what it means to you and if you choose to celebrate it and how would that joy look like to you? E.g camping, fishing, pyjamas and grazing, volunteering
  • saying  yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no is part of your self care
  • nurture yourself and your spirit with healthy ways that allow you to feel good
  • just be
  • Switch off and unplug for a bit (pop your devices onto sleep or a timed ‘do not disturb’ so you can take a break and still feel connected if you need to
  • ground yourself -examples include  sitting in a park, in the yard, walking along or around your favourite places, sitting with a book, sitting without distractions, listening to an audio book
  • Do what makes you happy and keeps you balanced – gardening, DVD marathon, journaling, gratitude lantern 
  • prioritize what is important and limit that list to say the top three
  • if you need to shop for groceries or otherwise consider online shopping and delivery with groceries delivered a couple of days before Christmas

These are just a few practical tips that have helped us with maintaining our balance during busy and festive times.

Finally, thank you for being such a wonderful part of 2016 for me. Here’s to many more bipolar blessings in 2017. ❤️❤️




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