Thank you Carrie Fisher for being you

Hello kindred souls,

I’ve been umming and ahhing as to whether I write someone about Carrie Fisher and her passing, as she was my favourite Bipolar Badass.

But what do you say? I don’t know about you, but when someone in the mental illness community passes away, I feel as though I’ve lost a friend too, because we know – we just know.

We don’t, I think, have to explain ourselves to one another because we get it. In our own individual, unique and different ways – we’ve been there too.

I loved Carrie’s sass, her honesty and her gutsy love. I loved her kindness and compassion, her creativity, her expression and her freedom in her own skin.

She called it and saw it as it was, pretty or not…it was what it was… and there was a freedom in that. A freedom to just be and she was a champion for it. She lent her voice to those who had none and did it honestly, wholeheartedly and splendiferously.

So here is what I know….

Bipolar is hard – doesn’t matter how you flip it, it’s hard. Mental illness is hard – emotional, mental and soulful survival is damn hard.

No question.

The magic lies in what we choose to do with that and who has earned the right to stand beside us.

We owe it to ourselves to be empowered in living life the best way we know how.

Brilliantly – Survivally – Thrivally.

Thank you for being you.


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