A scholarship! (Wait! What?)

OH MY GOODNESS! A SCHOLARSHIP!!!! (wait! what?!)

Blessed, honoured and speechless!!!!!!! (Yes folks, hard to believe but it is a possibility…😉)

You guys are so incredibly important to me in so many ways I cannot even begin. It’s through this that I find the courage to as Brene Brown puts it, ‘Daring Greatly’

Feeling a bit gushy but so incredibly, unbelievably grateful so here goes…

I would like to take this opportunity publicly thank Deakin University for their generous support. I am humbled, moved and incredibly blessed to be awarded such a continuous financial and generous privilege throughout my postgraduate studies.

My research work into mental health recovery education, art, creativity and hope has just begun and although the task ahead is great, I am incredibly thankful to be supported in so many told and untold ways.

To be accepted into postgraduate studies was an absolute gift and to be considered as a scholarship recipient and awarded with a lived experience of Bipolar Disorder – is just overwhelming. ❤ Thank you.




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