“It’s not about the weight” by Maree Tambasco-Roche

“It’s not about the weight” by Maree Tambasco-Roche.

(Sounds like a good book title hey? 😉)

So okay as many of you know throughout 2016 I embarked on a yoga, histamine, lifestyle, medication, mental health, food, mood balance experiment of sorts…

I was trying to work out a balance between mind,body and spirit with a complex mental illness like Bipolar Disorder where the brain doesn’t ‘work’ as a ‘normal’ brain does.

So here is the visual diary photo (so far) on food and mood. I reckon I may be onto something, not sure yet.  I’ll know more when I really get into the literature reviews as part of my postgrad studies. However, it’s only one component of the much bigger picture.

As for spiritually, emotionally and mentally , I think I may have started to discover equilibrium by working from the inside out – my intention as a starting point, inspired by Eastern philosophy. Part of that is holding space and sitting with the “shit” rather than running from it – in authenticity, boundaries and inner worth by re-writing the stories I played in my mind. Also carefully looking at the pay off or trade off if I was engaging or investing in negative behaviour or drama. Asking myself what am I getting out of this, and prepare to be confronted with the answer.

It’s very early days yet and of course everyone is individual and unique. Nonetheless, I am hopeful and really excited to find ways to help others also on their recovery journey. To live life how they want to live it on their terms and values with meaning and purpose. ❤👍

Here is an article I wrote for SANE Australia in 2016 on Food and Mood as someone with a lived experience : https://www.sane.org/media-centre/the-sane-blog/1865-managing-your-food-mood-and-weight-when-living-with-a-mental-illness


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