Mind your body

The journey to whole balance with a lived experience of mental illness has required me to undertake a complete overhaul of a lifetime of filters, perceptions, experiences and responses and to closely examine the dichotomy (differences, disconnect, contrast and relationship) between mind, body and spirit and to really understand it.

What I have learned during my recovery and still do to this day is that the mind is not separate from the body.

As I continue to seek concrete answers I recently watched a documentary called The Connection , three years of research, interviews and discussions by Australian journalist Shannon Harvey who spoke to the leading doctors, surgeons, meditation specialists and mindfulness practitioners from around the word. They included (but not limited to) Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Herbert Benson, Mindfullness Based Reduction pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr. Craig Hassard MD – Monash University. Other interviewees included Ian Gawler and other holistic professionals. Akin to the process I am embarking, she wanted to quantify in medical terms this balance between mind, body and soul and whether it had any solid foundation and basis.

What is being discovered that when what is happening on the inside is out of balance with the outside, we wrestle, wallow and get caught up in ‘stuff’ that lasts longer than its use-by date and that response gets stuck on play. Our internal responses remain on turbo charge and like a car, you keep flogging it, it will not only run out of gas, but will inevitably succumb to wear and tear.

What I am witnessing and what the above has started to confirm is that you can reverse the effects by changing the response, changing your response.
As Craig Hassed MD explains, the body is always responding to what the mind tells it to do. From my personal perspective, if you have a lived experience of mental distress, then things can go askew.

So that is my starting point in my journey, to pick up where I have left off and to move forward.

If you can get your hands on the documentary called The Connection by Shannon Harvey, please do so, It makes for compelling watching and allows us to view our own lives from a transformative perspective.

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