To be seen or not to be seen, that is the question…


“Its not about the weight” – Update Number 3

To be seen or not to be seen – that is the question….

Now dear readers, even at my heaviest I thought I was a pretty groovy chick, I still rocked it, I thought I was a bit of alright and I lived life, the way I wanted to live it, with minimal inhibitions and wore whatever tickled my fancy.

Then it hit me smack bang right between the eyes during my op (thrift) shopping today. Okay so for the first time in years, I have moved from the “larger, plus size” section (although there are still some groovy wear that I still sort through) moving into the ‘normal – non plus size” (why there is a specific name for “plus size” in the clothing industry and no other size group is beyond me) rack section.

What I started to notice is as the sizes got smaller (as I head from Size 20 tops, to say Size 14/16 and sometimes 18 (depending on the cut) I found that the smaller the garment, the more revealing the tops became.

The fabrics were more delicate, the evening tops had a variety of styled, plunging necklines, there were higher splits in the tailored skirts and the colours and designer patterns were brighter, bolder and funkier. In other words, I found that the plus size clothes were designed to ‘cover’ and the smaller sized (in comparison to plus size) clothes were designed to ‘reveal’.

Looking at the percentages of clothing in terms of ‘revealing’ – I would say 70% of smaller sizes leaned towards that style as opposed to say 30% of the plus size garments.

I love op (thrift) shopping because every item of clothing, from designer to chain store is there. Locally, nationally and internationally, so I think it is a good sample selection of the textile industry insofar to say that there is no discrimination towards designers or manufacturers that are offered in store.

So I guess what I want to know is and what I am thinking on at the moment. is what is the difference? Why are some folks allowed or encouraged to reveal and others are encouraged to cover and hide? (Question based on the general western culture)

How does that influence how we think about ourselves, our bodies, our self worth and self esteem?

Yep, I reckon Ill be chewing the fat on this one for a while….


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