The Considered Life


Good morning dear hearts,

So, this morning I woke up to the clearing throats of two children who were itching to hand over their Mothers Day presents they purchased with the $5 bucks their Dad (and my dearest who is currently snoring next to me through the commotion)  gave them each to spend at the school Mothers Day stall.  All in all, I have to say, they were quite delightful!  Uncertain yet as to what I will do with a pink flamingo planter stick thingy but, over the moon that I was thought of so lovingly, muggy, chocolately, tea-towelly,- bowly, plantery…and pink!! – such valuable treasure they are indeed!  One lucky chook right here! 😀 ❤  (P.S The hugs and squeals were the best though!)

This then had me thinking about living what I call “A Considered Life” and asking myself whether life is currently working out for me the way I need it to be and moreover the way I feel that I am capable and comfortable in doing with lived experiences of mental health challenges.  In other words – I was once again asking ‘what is my why?” and whether I was putting my money where my mouth is.  The voice of my late mother popped into my head and she would say “all in all, its okay, I can’t complain – if I complain no body listens!” Bless ya Mum!  Still love and miss ya guts right here! 🙂

It was time that I stopped and once again asked myself the authentic and wholehearted questions.  What is my why?  Is my idea of what I want things to be and the reality something completely different.  Am I finding myself in need of aspiring to be something or someone rather than taking stock and becoming friends with who I already am?

So began in earnest The Considered Life.

This morning.

In my pajamas.

Writing this for you now.

On Mother’s Day – a gift to myself for being so freaking awesome in a Bipolarish Mum kinda way!

It is life choices that have been carefully thought about really – in a form of self care and nurturing.  Some of the questions I have added to the list include:

  • Choosing to do things that I want to not because I have to
  • Participating in activities that value add and are good for the soul
  • Honouring my own health and wellbeing
  • Listening to my heart and soul response – if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it
  • Changing my attitude towards the things I cannot change
  • Choosing to understand but knowing when I cannot receive all the answers and be at peace with that
  • Living slowly (and if I feel the need to rush, ask myself why and take 6 deep breaths)
  • If I need to engage in a difficult situation, what self care tools have I taken along with me?
  • Acknowledging that putting our personal wellbeing first is a gift to ourselves and not selfishness
  • Understanding that worthiness has no pre-requesites
  • No. Can also be a complete sentence
  • Over explaining is not required as I don’t have to hussle for external approval.
  • Focusing on the present and forgive myself when I don’t
  • Gentle boundary settings with clear focus
  • Engaging with nurturing and soulful folks who uplift
  • Removing expectations attached to social “job descriptions” (relations, community, family)
  • Accepting life for what it is without having to overthink it.
  • Trusting my intuition

When life and the weight of it starts to lift then you know that can only be a good thing and my dear ones, the sun is shining and I am going to go sit out on the front porch in my daggy pajamas, my favourite cardigan and drink my chai from my “best mum ever’ mug!



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