Muse Magazine Interview Article

When Muse Magazine & SANE Australia approached me for an interview for “The Happiness Issue” I was thrilled at being asked whilst concurrently laughing quietly to myself at the irony of the timing. I was in the throes of a Bipolar episode with depression throwing tiny pebbles at my window, coupled with the exhaustion that came from hurling across the finish line in a mix of scholarly achievement & long awaited milestones.
When I see the word “happy” I immediately sway to the tune of Pharrell William’s “Happy” Song and to be honest, at the time I didn’t feel like clapping along although I must say, I did feel like a room without a roof! I was, however, curious and I did want to wrestle, muse and hold space with what “happy” is and what it isn’t, with Bipolar Disorder.
So, that’s what I did! You can find the 3 page article titled “I live with Bipolar Disorder” on pp.93-95
My sincerest and humble thanks to SANE Australia and Muse Magazine – who believed my story was worthwhile to share, inspire and help others to become empowered. I believe there is a gift to be found in the words – ‘me too”.
Finally, I really want to acknowledge & dedicate this interview article to my life partner and soul companion Francis Kenneth Roche and to our fiercely loving & really cool kids Aramis & Victoria-Grace; who in spite and despite my flaws and swings love me unconditionally anyway (and lets be honest, support my sometimes really “out there” ideas!) Three words chickas – love ya guts!
Muse Magazine, Issue 2 / July 2017 “The Happiness Issue” with Elle MacPherson on the cover is out now at all leading newsagents and most supermarkets across Australia and New Zealand and is also available as an e-copy online.
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