An internal reckoning – following Muse Magazine article

My interview article has surprisingly quickly become a reference point over the past 48 hours as speaking requests come through. The latest request is once again, at a Melbourne university speaking to Master of Clinical Psych students about living with Bipolar Disorder.
There is much I think that needs to be said – not just about my own personal experiences, moreover, how individual and unique we all are. This time I am taking a different educational approach – one of inclusiveness, mindfulness and fostered understanding.
But above all, one of achievable recovery. As a dear friend told me recently- you don’t make it sound easy, but you make it sound doable.
Eleanor Longden (The voices in my head) once said- don’t ask me what’s wrong. Ask me, what happened.
I like to ask – “what’s changed?”
#ilivewithbipolardisorder #bipolar #education #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #inclusiveeducation #holistic #change #recovery




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