Kind Words

The people we meet along our quest in mental health recovery is the greatest gift of all. The gift of their time, their active listening and there stories.  Stories that weave a tapestry of all the colours that we hold inside.  That is magic.  That is who we are.


Your engagement with the students was terrific (the teacher in you was showing up!). The window into living with a disorder that you were able to give these professional trainees was terrific for its illustration of the complexity (no one is a text book ‘case’), and for the evidence in front of their eyes that people do find a way of understanding and accommodating such experiences and get on with family life and meaningful occupation. The trainees appreciated your openness and your passion to invest in them understanding others better.

John Farhall, PhD MAPS (Associate Professor, Department of Psychology and Counselling)


Maree was a fantastic speaker, and told her story with empathy and honesty. She really expressed her message of hope well, and had a great mix of humor and wisdom, and practical advice to give to her audience. She answered all questions with grace and truth. I would thoroughly recommend her to speak at any event – she was fabulous. Thanks Maree! – Jess


Beautiful works of art created with love. Maree pours her heart into every piece she creates. A true representation of how what a wonderful soul is capable of no matter what life throws at her. – Karen Edwards



Wow, amazing not much you can say you just have to go and have a look and be blown away with the amazing work of art that’s here. – Petra Tack